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Flowers in Art

Throughout centuries, flowers have lured insects to pollinate and enchanted humans to paint. There is something special about flowers that has inspired artists though out history to portray their beauty, color, fragility, and ephemerality. What makes us fascinate over the beautiful of the lovely flowers is not clear. Perhaps we are biologically attracted to them because they indicate the imminence of fruit. Or maybe we are just attracted by their symmetry and harmony.


Regardless of the reason why we find flowers one of the most beautiful things in nature, we can say that in fact we have been in love with them throughout centuries. People have captured the human, cultural, and symbolic, significance of flowers through painting. Find of more about some of the most famous paintings that capture the majesty of flowers through the canvas and paint!


A Vase of Flowers by Margareta Haverman (1716)

Margarete Haverman was one of the several female artists of the Netherlands that specialized in flower pictures. She secretly a pupil of the famous Dutch artist Jan van Huysum in Amsterdam.This painting portrays a tall bouquet of flowers that sit on a grey stone niche. There are many kinds of flowers incorporated in this painting. There are roses, carnations, irises, marigolds, poppies, and tulips among others. This still life enraptures the lightness and softness of flowers. As well as their elegance and organic beauty.


Irises by Vincent van Gogh (1890)

Before entering the asylum at Saint-Remy France, Van Gogh painted several bouquets of spring flowers. His ambitious project included two paintings of irises and two paintings of roses. In this painting, Van Goh, placed the violet exuberant irises contrasting a slight pink background. This creates a harmonious and soft effect. His use of vibrant color and texture created movement which captures the viewers’ attention.   


Water Lilies by Claude Monet (1926)

Claude Monet, the genius of light and color, created a series of paintings depicting water lilies. These impressionist paintings’ focal point were the flowers of his garden house in Giverny, France. The pink lilies and the flowing water are a delight to the eye!


Flowers by Andy Warhol (1970)

Andy Warhol’s Flowers series is a portfolio of ten screen-prints base off Patricia Caulfield’s Hibiscus flower photographs. By using his famous technique, he produced 2D images of this tropical flower. The pop art painting focusses on the vibrant colors that these flowers are known for.


Tulips 4 by Alex Katz (2013)

Influenced by pop art, Katz depicts several yellow tulips. This elegant painting is straight to the point and filled with shadows which create optical illusions. The black background contrasts the bright green and bright yellow flowers.


Get inspired by these beautiful paintings and decorate your home with flowers! Paint them, sculpt them, or buy them! Flowers give your living space color texture and lightness. Let nature come to your home and give life to your modern abode!

Let us know if you have a favorite flower painting on the comments bellow!