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Each month Florist to Florist order volume continues to increase and more and more orders are being sent through the BloomNet Network!

Make sure you are listed in the areas you serve and start building your incoming order volume in time for the holidays!

Plus, when you Advertise in the printed BloomNet Directory, your Ad will also appear in the BloomNet Directory Online, giving you twice the reach and marketing power.

What is the NEW BloomNet Directory Online?

Click Here to learn more and download the NEW BloomNet Directory Online User Guide!

The NEW BloomNet Directory Online is a powerful tool designed for speed and convenience.

Search, Select, and Send, and Connect with the Right Florist, Right Away!

An exciting new innovation from BloomNet® Technologies that allows you to find all the same information that's contained in the printed Directory, with the easy and convinence of a just a click of your mouse.

With the BloomNet Directory Online, now it's easier and faster than ever to find not just any florist, but the right florist to fill your customers' orders.

With the new BloomNet Directory Online, you'll have the peace of mind in knowing you're not just sending orders blindly. You're selecting the best qualified florist to fulfill your order-ensuring greater satisfaction, reciprocation and building repeat business.

Increase your reach and profit potential by advertising in the BloomNet Directory today!